The Elemental Kingdom and Manifestation

April 17, 2018


The Elemental Kingdom and Manifestation


Since ancient times we have been using candles not only to illuminate our physical world but also to assist us in rituals to enlighten our soul, our spirit. They always represent a sign of respect for some divine Beings or even forces of Nature.


When related to healing, it is not only the Elemental Reiki modality that uses the energies of the Igneous flames in their fields of the therapeutic and manifestation. Many others, for example, some currents of Usui and Tibetan Reiki, the Kundalini Tantra Reiki, the Reiki of the Sacred Flames, the Seven Rays also use candles as auxiliary devices for healing, anchoring energies and clearing of the space.

When performing alternative healing, the chakras can and should be unlocked, balanced and re-energized with the aid of stones and crystals, but these works can also be aided when the clearing is done with candles or with a combination of them.


The candles are igneous, they manipulate energies by the vibration of their flames, they reflect their colors and contain the 5 elements:


• Air

• Water - in melted candle

• Earth - in wax

• The spirit is the will of those who light them up.


 The Elemental Kingdom

If in using the stones, crystals, and minerals we are invoking the Elementals of the Planet Earth, the beings of the Elemental Kingdom such as the Gnomes, Elves, and others that help us in the energy works, we experience the direct actions of the Salamanders, in the candles. They are masters of the fire element that assist us, through the manipulating and transmuting the negative energies using the flames.


 The Use of Intention

Using a candle to help you focus on an intention, merely ignite it, add our mental assertion along with the specific yantras and or mantras. It helps when you have a clear and single focused mind and use as a resource a visualization technique. Some people feel very comfortable using affirmations to assert their intentions for manifestation.


Never forget that the candle enlightens first the one that lightens it on. This shows us that the one who does good to others will be the first to be enlightened and assisted.


 Never ignite and intention or activate a candle for Evil, it will return to you, sooner or later, in this or another life, in an amplified and devastating manner. It is the Law of Action and Reaction, of Cause and Effect and no one, entirely no one is above these laws.


In using the scented candles, the aromas and the color will symbiotically work together during a healing session. The aromas act upon our nervous system, in various manners including stimulating the different functions of the organism at sensory and extrasensory levels.


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