Dreamcatcher: A Soul Multidimensional tool

March 28, 2018

Dreamcatcher: A Soul Multidimensional tool

 Know what it is, what it means and how to use it


 Dreamcatchers: Most likely, at some point in your life you may have heard of this powerful object or even seen the drawing in some places, whether in the form of amulets, in the decoration of a house or even in the form of tattoos. Also, to be a powerful object, a dreamcatcher has a special meaning, particularly for those who believe in the powers of the multidimensional universe of Dreams. Do not you understand what I'm talking about?


Don't let someone else catch your dreams. You are the dream catcher.



If you believe in mystical symbol and are curious to know what a Dreamcatcher is and what it means,  try to learn how to incorporate the meaning of this object into your life.


What is the Dreamcatcher?

The Dream Filter, also known as "dream catcher," "dream collector," "dream hunter" or " nightmare preventer" is an indigenous mystic symbol - more specifically about the American Ojibwa tribe - well known among people who accompany and believe in the tradition and spirituality of the dream world.

The Dreamcatchers are objects used as amulets of protection by many people, being incorporated into the decoration of the house or even through the use of body tattoos. The idea is to purify the energies, preventing bad dreams from invading your night's sleep, and bringing good dreams, wisdom, and luck. Its lustrous threads serve as dream filters, preventing some energies to trespass from one dimension to another.


The Dreamcatcher is a circle of several threads intertwined in its interior, forming a kind of spider's web with a circular opening in the middle. Hanging from it, there are some feathers, which are also there for particular magical reasons.


Come, get entwined in the dream catcher of my heart.”

― Melody Lee



The Dreamcatcher Elements:


The Circle: Made from a weeping-willow stick coated with leather straps, the central element of the Dream Filter symbolizes the circle of life, eternity, and also the sphere of the Sun.


The Web: This element represents the soul, free will, the interconnection of our choices, our interpersonal relationships, all the beings, the way of Nature, the Dharma.


The Center: This aspect represents the forces of the universe in movement, the Eternal Creative Principle, our Higher-self.


The Feathers:  A feather is always placed right in the center to represent air or breath, which is essential to life.


These foundations correspond to the Air element or the power of breath, two essential elements for sustaining life. If the feather is a female owl, in this case, it symbolizes wisdom. If it is from a male eagle, it represents courage.


Besides these symbols listed above, other objects with personal meanings can also be added to the Dreamcatcher, which gives the amulet a more individual character and a more intimate meaningful use.


How does it work?


The original idea of the Dreamcatcher is to hang it in a place where the sun sets and on the beds of each home. The protection amulet will cause the bad dreams that invade the house at night to be trapped until sunrise when they will be destroyed by daylight rays, the next morning.

According to their tradition, the dream filter should be hung over the babies' crib, and on the children's bed, so good dreams know precisely where they should go, passing through the central hole of the web, as opposed to dreams and bad energies that end up getting lost and getting stuck in the wires. When the first rays of sun come up, bad dreams filtered by the light webs of the dreamcatchers would melt and disappear.


Thus, the owner of the object will be protected from potential invasive negative energies from netherworld's, and will only have good dreams, plus lots of luck and wisdom while keeping it as a talisman.


The Legends

The Dreamcatcher was created by the Ojibwa, the indigenous peoples, who live in the Great Lakes region. The Ojibwa or Chippewa (also Ojibwe, Ojibway, Chippeway) is one of the largest groups of Native Americans-First Nations in North America. The Ojibwa have some spiritual beliefs passed down by oral tradition under the Midewiwin teachings. These include a creation myth and a recounting of the origins of ceremonies and rituals. Spiritual beliefs and rituals were very important to the Ojibwa because spirits guided them through life.


The tribe became known all over the world for their beliefs on the dream worlds, and they profess that one of the leading missions of humans on Earth would be to decipher the dreams, since to them, dreams brought important messages about the functioning of our lives, the past, the future, Nature and the Universe.


These people believed that when the night comes, the air is filled with good and bad dreams, some of them even being nightmares, which may contain important messages from the Great Spirit, but others may also contain bad energies that float around us and are not ours. Functioning as a filter, the dreamcatcher which is a great web has the purpose of separating the good and important dreams from the bad ones loaded with energies that can do us harm.


There are many legends about the appearance of webs, involving spiders and Spider-Women. In many stories the Spider-Woman is a very wise individual, sometimes the grandmother of the Sun and organizer of life on Earth, sometimes the messenger of the Sun.


The best-known legend about the emergence of the Dreamcatcher that an old shaman would have climbed to the top of a mountain to find wisdom. There, the Indian would have met a magical spider-like spirit called Iktomi.


The spirit, on the other hand, while teaching the elder the vital knowledge about birth and death and the good and evil energies that are scattered through the air, would have woven a web of horsehair around a rim made of weeping willow vine.


Iktomi would have told the old shaman, "If you work with good forces, you will be guided in the right direction, and they will come into harmony with nature. Otherwise, if you will go in another direction that will cause pain and misfortune. "


The Iktomi spirit taught the Indian to use the good energies and dreams received through this amulet to help his people achieve their goals by listening and paying attention to the visions, dreams, and ideas conveyed from the dream world spirits.


It is for this reason that in shamanism the Dreamcatcher is considered a kind of mandala that inspires imagination, creativity, and help in transforming dreams and goals into reality.



Like the amulet, a tattoo made with the Dreamcatcher design serves to bring good vibrations to the tattooed person. The drawing is chosen by people who believe in the powers of the dream universe and seek protection, to ward off evil, to trap negative energies, and to let only good energies approach their energy matrix.


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