Candle Magic and Angel Rituals

January 19, 2018


Since time Immemorial we find candles being used in Temples, representing the holy element of fire during Sacred rituals.


Candles are always portrayed to be involved with mysteries and myths, they are also symbols of illumination, activation, canalization, and connection with the divinity. Fire is a creative element, especially regarding the power of rebirth and regeneration properties.

Candles are connector element esoterically related to the salamanders, nature elemental that are energy transformers.


The candle magic is ever present in our daily lives, the act of lightening a candle for a birthday celebration represented the potential to activate that light and channel the energy of manifestation of our intentions to our daily lives. When we sing and clap around a birthday person, before they blow the candle, we are just generating enough energy to move the intention through space, channeled by the fire towards the ether of the astral plane.


A distinctive feature of Candle Magic is its flexibility. Most of the rituals that surround it can be adapted for any purpose. Candle ritual can target material prosperity, conflict resolution, career advancement, finding a life partner and revealing creative potential, developing extrasensory abilities, gaining insight into future events, and so on.


The ritual practice of magic candles is very diverse and ranges from simple rituals using one candle to elaborate rituals using many of them. Also, they are divided into one-day rituals and rituals of several more days.


The candle ritual goes beyond the simple use of a candle since the focus is the correlation of qualities and properties of a candle, their colors with the purpose of a ritual, as well as the corresponding preparation of the candle itself.


We use the candles just to symbolize our magic through their flames. Fire is the symbol of the mental plane and activity. The act of lighting the candle for the Guardian Angel is how to activate your request and bring it to the etheric plane. In the biblical texts, God manifested Himself to Moses in the form of fire.

Hence the reason we use the candles in magic. The Candle practice intentions to activate, keep alive, symbolize the link of our thoughts and desires with the angelic world through the manifestation of our Higher Self. Through the flame of a candle, all the forces of nature are activated. The lit candle symbolizes the individualization of the ascending life and the light of the soul.

Why use colored candles to anchor the energy of your guardian angels?

 Because our aura is colored and when we visualize a specific color, our aura starts to reflect it. It is through this alchemical process that the angel will grasp and understand our requests. This is the first link to the angels. When lighting a candle, it is possible to identify some messages that they transmit to us.

 Candle Messages and Angels



The Angel may be having difficulty anchoring. The astral environment around you may be polluted.



Indicates the presence of Angels and Fairies. It is a good sign.


The Angel demonstrates that because of the circumstances, your request will have some changes.


You are thinking of several things at once. Your mind is a bit tumultuous to request an intention. Focus and try again.


The Angel will put someone on your way to communicate with you, try to pay attention. You may have some disappointment before your request is adequately answered.


It means the connection was made, a vortex was opened, and Your requests will be realized. This type of flame communicates that the Angel is already carrying your message up.


The request was made dubiously. Again, try to focus and try again. Your message was not perceived clearly enough to merit manifestation.


You will have lots of luck and success in your request.


It means that the spiritual connection was not made. The Angel is having difficulties carrying and manifesting this request.


Your Angel is in need of more prayers and meditations to generate energy for action.



The Angel will help in the most challenging part of the request, the rest is up to you.

As always, pay close attention to the messages that the Angels send us, they are essential and critical.



 Some simple rules How to Use a Magic Candle


I will give some recommendations on the use of magic candles:

Burn the candles in candlesticks or saucers that are exclusively for magic. No finding a dish in the kitchen and thinking it's okay to use it in a ritual.


Try to pass your energy to the candles that you intend to use, mainly that explicitly directed to the magical or manifestation goal.


Light the candles with matches, do not use lighters and never blow a ritual candle; if you need to erase it, use a flame damper or your fingers.


Do not reuse candles, since the candle was used in a ritual, it should not be reused. By doing so, you may confuse the energies contained therein. Rule of thumb is, keep this clear and uncomplicated.


Another famous rule is that candles should be dedicated to the energies with which you want to work with their manufacturing phase, or you should take some time to consecrate and sanctify its energy before its use. But never do this during the ritual in which you plan to make use of it. Prepare the energies ahead of time. Always avoid confusion and mixed signals.


Do not use magic candles for other purposes. If you made a candle for a love spell, for example, you should not use it again for another purpose, nor just as a lighting device when you run out of electricity.


Do not buy too many candles for magic at the same time. As mentioned above, candles significantly absorb energy. If you hold different candles for distinct rituals together, this can cause a change in your energetic essence, confusion of different strengths and mutual influence, which can lead to problems in performing the ceremony. It is advisable to keep only the required number of candles.


Before the ritual, always calculate the time of the burning of the candle, so that it does not end until its end. It is not necessary to use a candle that burns for an extended time beyond what is needed if it is not required by the conditions of the magic.


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