Can you Manifest using Crystals? 6 Steps for Programming your Crystals

April 16, 2018


Crystals and precious stones are the purest manifestations of energy and light displayed on our physical plane.


The atoms that compose the crystals are always in perfect harmony with the environment and with the energies that surrender them, thus allowing the manifestation of cosmic light in a solid form. Physically, it has already been proven that crystals are the best conductors, transmitters, and amplifiers of energy are used in the composition of the optical fiber, computer chips, watchmaking (Ruby, Quartz), etc.


In the same way, as they are conductors, receivers, amplifiers or generators of energy, they are used metaphysically for healing, manifestation efforts, meditation, reinforcing grids, energizing environments and people, in general, they assist any living beings through the conveyance of cosmic energies.


Crystals have life, not a carbon-based one by a crystalline type of life. They are part of a more massive “nation” formed of pure crystal-like energy. All that is conscious energy is life, transmits experiences, usually has a life.


Crystals can be considered extraordinary beings can become essential friends, helping us individually in our pursuit of spiritual growth and self-knowledge, and especially teaching innumerable ways to positively use their energy in conjunction with ours.


 Using Crystal Wands as programming Crystals


The Crystal Tips are powerful energy tools that open a way of connecting the third dimension with the Higher planes of Light.


They capture extraordinarily pure and positive energies from the higher planes and transmit it around them and primarily by their vertices. If used in therapies, they remove energetic blockages in the body, decrease physical pain and increase the vitality of the organs to which they are pointed.


Used at home, they open a channel so that the forces of Light can send more love, knowledge, vitality, and protection to everyone on the spot. When held for more than 30 minutes they take us to the Alpha and Beta states, allowing our minds to also receive information and light from the higher planes.


Before Programming Your Crystals


Before you start the process of programming your crystal, you should dedicate some time to clean and energize them properly. You need them to be purified before you can imprint and program a message you intend to manifest. You will want to make sure your message and transmission is clear, focused and proceed without interference.

We also highly recommend the use of a particular crystal for the exclusive purpose of manifestation. What it means is that you shouldn’t use your manifestation Crystals to use healing or other energetic activities.


 Preparing for Programming

Very merely, manifesting is a method of 'programming' your crystal to help your subconscious mind to create something concrete in your life that you need. Notice that we are dealing with Intention, not merely desires. Therefore the appropriate feeling to be explored while manifesting is the need for something, not just the wanting of it.


Also, it is imperative to determine precisely what you want to manifest because of the crystals can’t make the conscious decisions for you, of what you want and need. Therefore you should be clear about what you intend to achieve. Resolve, in as much precise detail as possible, whatever it is you need to acquire.


To avoid dissipating the crystalline energies, make sure that the intent of manifesting is guided by the power of need, not only want.

 6 Steps for programming your Crystals

First, hold your crystal in front of you, with both hands.
Stare at it intently and visualize yourself and your intention
Together. You may now close your eyes.

1.Bring into your mind a complete and exact image with as much detail as possible of whatever it is You wish to manifest.


2. Visualize as much detail as possible

3. Focus as hard as you possibly can imagining and feeling that you already have whatever it is you are manifesting.


4. Feel that You are extremely happy and relaxed, secure in the knowledge that your intent has already happened, and your need was already met.

5.Take your time to feel the sensations traveling your body, stay with the feeling as much as you can.

6. Once you have finished, take a large deep breath, relax your body and
When you feel comfortable, open your eyes.


7. Repeat your manifesting process whenever it is possible, we highly recommend to do it at least twice a day (morning and evening).



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