Mystical Rosaries

  • The Holy Rosary is one of many religious practices of Marian devotion very widespread among Roman Catholics, who pray both publicly and individually. It consists of the serial recitation of prayers using as an aid, a chain with beads or knots, which receives the same name.


    The rosary also includes the contemplation of certain passages of the life of Jesus Christ and of his mother, the Virgin Mary, who, according to the Catholic Church's doctrine, is of special relevance to the history of salvation and are called "Mysteries.” The belief is that the name Rosary came after the name of the rose flowers, as prayers dedicated to God are like ethereal roses, in beauty and value. The red roses are the ones that are prayers dedicated to Jesus and are red because of his sacred blood. While the prayers dedicated to mother Mary are white due to her purity and dedication to God.


    The prayer of the Holy Rosary appears approximately in the year 800 in the shadow of the monasteries and convents, much like the "Psalter" of the laity. As the monks and friars prayed the psalms, the laity, who for the most part did not know how to read, learned to pray to Our Father. Over time, three other psalteries were formed with 150 Ave Maria, 150 praises in honor of Jesus Christ and 150 praises in honor of the Virgin Mary.

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