SHAKTI is the Transcendent  Feminine principle, the sacred feminine, essential feminine - it is the power of consciousness, the CREATIVE POWER, the SUSTAINER, and at the same time the TRANSFORMER.

Shakti is the power that realizes the Supreme Purpose: The union of the ego or personality with the innermost Self and the generation of the immortal and omniscient being; The spirit.


SHAKTI is creative feminine power (force/energy), of manifestation and transformation/transcendence that is latent in women (and inner, unconscious in men).  SHAKTI  is the Power that offers personal freedom, inner peace and conquers a life with prosperity and mainly spiritual achievement, thus being able to interfere objectively in the environmental, social and cultural condition in which they live.


To gain access to this Power and wisdom, a woman must integrate the shakti, have control and know how to channel Shakti to our own happiness and the world around us.


When integrated with the woman, Shakti indeed frees her from the limitations and conditioning of the mental, physical, personal, cultural, and conventional systems that exploit and conceal her energy and power. Heal your body, your mind and helps her transcend.


When mastered, directed, and oriented, SHAKTI becomes intelligent, conscious, wise energy, to be used for self-awareness, development, and awakening of full consciousness. When harmoniously dominated and channeled, this power frees women from the limitations imposed by the conventional way of life, by culture and by their own mental and physical conditioning. Through creative, fulfilling and transformative power, women can gain and provide a more meaningful experience with material prosperity and spiritual development, making them capable of healing their body, their mind, and the environmental and social condition in which they live. Thus, this power, when mastered, also enables women to develop, concretize and transform inner and outer life and finally awaken to full consciousness.


Shakti means the primordial procreative power, or action, the activity of the Higher / Primordial Consciousness. It is the primordial feminine aspect; that is, the creative aspect of the primordial consciousness (the male element that is inactive). It is the infinite energy emanating from consciousness. Shakti is the manifestation vehicle of consciousness, it is the form of an idea, it is the Universal Force; gives birth. Shakti is the Mother of consciousness (from the Greek: Theotokos - mother of 'God') and also the companion who attracts, protects, assists, guides, and guides the whole Consciousness. It is the matrix or the source of the auspicious illumination. Shakti is the possibility, the ability, the ability, the power, the power-energy for, and the 'creation, transformation and transmutation. The function of Shakti is thus to reveal the full potentialities of the inactive primordial Consciousness, the materialization of its life force, manifesting the universe, but also destroying it, dissolving all of them, reabsorbing the world when the ego is transcended. She is the queen of the earth, of the heavens, of the underground, governs birth, death, and resurrection, seasons, lunar cycle, all emanations, all living, developing and transforming. (see attached).


Shakti is the feminine polarity of the totality and is the possible and available aspect of the woman, that is to say, it is conscious, external, being, in man, its unconscious perspective, to be awakened to attain full Consciousness. When organized, this force can either create infinite worlds, but can consciously disarm them. So it happens in the same way within us.


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